Praise The Lord - SATB


Avshalomov, David
Avshalomov, David (USA)

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Titel of the Song - SATB

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Composed for - SATB with Organ

Duration - 

Pages - 29

Level - Challenging

Language - English

Remarks Composer: 

This setting of Psalm 150, the culminating Psalm in the Old Testament, draws its energy from the root meaning of the word hallelujah used regularly in the Psalms. It is the Hebrew word used for requesting a congregation to join in praise. The best translation of hallelujah is "Praise Yah, you people", usually worded in English versions as "Praise ye the LORD" or "Praise the LORD" (the refrain repeated in this English-only setting).

However, hallelujah means more, as the word hallel in Hebrew means a joyous praise, to boast of God, or to act madly or foolishly. Hence, the purpose of Psalm 150 as I see it, and of my setting, is for an already ecstatic chorus to incite the congregation to mad, wild praising of the Lord.

This effect is enhanced by the almost continuous use of quick asymmetrical 5/8 meter The piece also has a prominent organ part with an extended “Bulgarian Jazz” solo in the middle. 

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